I decided last month that for my birthday this year, I only want these wonderful institutions to get donations.

I realized that at this moment in my life, I don’t really need or want any gifts (although the young one went right ahead and got me present). Still, I will request that if you want to celebrate along with me today, you can make one of these organizations very fortunate.

All of these organizations are of importance to me because I learned through them while working in Dallas, living in Washington D.C., coming across them while volunteering or learning about them while watching the news.

Ideally, I would like you to donate $43 in honor of my 43rd birthday. However, if you can do more or less, please do so. In my opinion, all of these organizations are worthy.

If you decide to donate, please let me know, only because I want to be able to know what organization you selected and to offer my thanks.

Here is a bit of information about them:

Hispanic Communicators DFW – as you know, or don’t know, I was the former president of the Dallas Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. The organization was founded on November 19, 1981, as the Network of Hispanic Communicators with the goal of supporting Latino journalists and students. I joined because I wanted to help grant scholarships to future communicators (journalism, public relations, marketing, etc…) All the scholarship recipients I’ve met are great professionals, devoted to their communities and dedicated to their craft. Donate here

Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad, Lambda Pi Chi Sorority Inc. National Book Scholarship – I am the founder and proud member of the Epsilon Chapter of LPC and since I joined in 1996 I have met some outstanding individuals who truly believe in giving back to the communities where they live and work. Each year the organization grants the annual Proyecto H.A.C.E.R. (Hermanas Advancing Career and Educational Resources) College Book Scholarship. Donate here

The American University Latino Alumni Alliance Book Award – Each year our Latino alumni group grants a $500 award presented to an undergraduate student who demonstrates strong connections to the Latino and Hispanic-heritage community through student leadership, community service, and/or strong academic performance. I wish we could grant more, books are costly and every bit of money for this cause will help a student achieve their goals. Donate here

Harvest Project Food Rescue, Dallas – Since 2014 the organization is assisting underserved communities by providing fresh produce to families in need at no cost. In the past year, the Harvest Project has redistributed close 254,000 lbs of produce and has fed over 7,500 families in the Dallas area, according to their website. I learned about this project at the Earth Day Texas earlier this year and since then I have wanted to find a way to support them. If you want to end food waste and hunger in Dallas, this is definitely the group to support. Donate here

Alianza Somos Una Voz – The initiative started by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez is an alliance of many artists who are working together to rush food, shelter, medicine, power, and communications to those in need from the effects of the recent natural disasters. Donate here

Thank you for celebrating with me and for your donation!

All love,